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Professional osciloscopes with engine analyser functions
Professional automotive 8 chanel oscilloscope with engine analyser functions. USB digital oscilloscope Autoscope IV is used to view, save, and analyze analog and digital signals from cars electrical circuits in order to find faults in electronic systems of the car and diagnostic mechanics of engines. The device connects to the PC via USB port. Very popular in the East Europe,  with manuals and software in English.

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Code: OS0002
Lambda Meter
Code: OS0003
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MODIS Diesel
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PD-4/6 Piezo Amplifier
Code: OS0015
Paint Thicness Gauge
Code: OS0017
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Universal Cable Extension
Code: OS0018
Spark Gap
Code: OS0019
Px Longer
Code: OS0020
Dx Amplifier
Code: OS0021
Piercing Clip
Code: OS0022
Needle Probe
Code: OS0023
Pin set
Accessories, parts, additions
Diagnostic set for diesel engines
with classic high pressure pump
λ (Lambda) meter for
air/fuel ratio (AFR) measuring
Current transducer for
oscillocope 4-50 А
Current transducer for
oscillocope up to 600 А
Adapter for oscilloscope
PIN3 to APPA32
Capacitive sensors
for DIS ignition
Adapter for oscilloscope
High pressure
transducer Px35
External optical sensor for
engines w/o crankshaft sender
Universal external
inductive probe
Universal external
capacitive probe
Pressure pulse sender in
fuel line 4…6 mm
Pressure pulse sender in
fuel line 6…8 mm
Adapter for oscilloscope
PIN3 to BNC (for older probe)
Universal cable extension
for universal cable
Charge signal amplifier for
pulse senders PD-4 / PD-6
Paint thickness detector
for oscilloscope
High voltage
spark gap
Deep well adapter for
Px35 transducer
Dx vacuum transducer
signal amplifier
Piercing test
Oscilloscope probe and
adapter set
Needle probe
Oscilloscope probes
and adapters

         Code: OS1001
  USB Autoscope IV
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