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Accessories for PC and tablets

Code: PC0001
USB-COM (RS-232)
12 €
9,92 €+VAT

Code: PC0002
USB-COM (RS-232)
27 €
22,31 €+VAT

Code: PC0003
USB-COM (RS-232)
USB to COM (RS232) converter. Tested and compactible with mayority of applications, work with Star Diagnosis and other specific diagnostic systems and equipments.
50 €
41,32 €+VAT
USB to COM (RS232) converter with extending cable 8 meters, fine quality, tested with mayority of equipments, but not compatible with Star Diagnosis.

Code: PC0004
35 €
28,93 €+VAT
PCMCIA to COM (RS232) converter. Tested with mayority of aplications, tested and work  with Star Diagnosis and other specific diagnostic systems.

Code: PC0005
Mini USB-Bluetooth
15 €
12.40 €+VAT
Adapter Mini USB-Bluetooth, for tablets and laptops without Bluetooth. Tested with mayority of aplications.

Notebooks/PC/tablets. New or used on Your order.

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USB to COM (RS232) converter for notebooks and tablets without COM port, good quality, but not work with Star Diagnosis.

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