About fakes and illegal units

  In the latest time in the Internet can find many fake and illegal units. At first glance, the normal user can appear that such equipment is no different from the original, not need to overpay. However, as the practice shows, here is the many facts that causes the equipment purchases not cheap and even dangerous.

  Long time known that diagnostic equipment choice is a complex issue, and it is not always easy to make the right choice. Our goal - to help beginners to cope with this problem and make the right choice.

  Below we give information about most known fakes.


Differences between the original and non-original equipment in English - download in PDF


Important! Consequences of the acquisition of the fake and from the illegal origin units
Often outwardly the fake or illegal unit is very difficult to distinguish from the legal original units, because some fake units have the same outward and quality and have the difference in the programm quantity, quality and have other hardware. Also existe units for other countries and mainlands, with target for other markets (for example, X-431 unit for China mainland), with other programms (list of programms, aviable languages e.t.c.) and other hardware, targetet for using in this market. It is necessary to keep in mind, that licence and hardware for other market are illegal in your market, and can not be used for work legally in the garage. There are also other risks. The fake units and units from the illegal chanels not have any warranty and support from legal dealers, and the will blacklisted on the official website, when will be registred. After it is unpossible download any diagnostic software and later update it. You can economize the money, when you buy this unit, but later it is more expensive, and here is a big possiblity, that in the nearest future you will need to buy a new unit.
Any information about illegal units and legality before buying you can give from us, please write an our email diagtools@diagtools.lv , call (+371) 29416069 or you can give consultations on the Launch hotline +86-0755-84528431.

Launch official web site - in the section news, bulletin "About pirated and illegal units"


CDP / CDP+ Trucks/Cars  - information on the Autocom website


VCDS (Vag-Com) - download PDF

In the future we will improve information about illegal units.

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