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Equipment for trucks and commercial transport
Code: A1001
Autocom CDP+ Trucks
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Equipment for trucks and commercial transport
Code: B0002
Bosch KTS Truck
3735 €
3086.78 €+VAT

Truck, commercial transport and trailer scanner (in future will be added agricultural and transport). PC based (USB or Bluetooth conection).
Accsessories, parts and software

Bosch Truck

Software for Bosch KTS Truck ESI-Tronic. Official and by prices Bosch. Availability depending for your country.

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Automotive truck and trailer scanner, based on PC or PDA. Possiblity add software and adapters for cars. Included software and all adapters for trailers and trucks and light commercial transport, optional adapters for old type sockets. One from most good scanners. Original, official. Multilanguage interface. Product of Autocom original and official, with warranty and support. Made in Sweden. Special price + 30 day licence of professional database Haynes PRO MAX for free!

Trade in your  CDP/ADP older/pirated/competition diagnostic scanner by special price ! Contact us  >>>

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Accsessories, software and updates

Code: A0002
Autocom ADAS
Universal ADAS calibra-
tion equipment
Code: A0004
INFO (HaynesPro)
Professional data base
for Autocom (more information
at the Autocom product page )
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Code: A0003
Trailer Tester
Equipment for testing
trailer electrics