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User´s manual (.pdf, in English)
ScopeBox for diagnostic equipments Launch GDS, PAD, PAD2, TAB
Oscilloscope module
ignition bar scope ignition ladder
ignition overlap crank
Screen examles using the Launch X-431 GDS
The device is a 4-channel oscilloscope, with which can be defined waveforms of electric circuits with the possibility of future analysis. Analysis of ignition, sensors and the quality of the engine work: display of primary and secondary charts in different wievs; DIS, ignition diagram; analysis of power (in kW), cylinder compression and etc. It can be acquired for scanners X-431 GDS/PAD/PADII/TAB and for other compatible devices series of Launch. Connects with scanner main unit via USB port.

Testing of electric signals using 5 parameters:

• Amplitude (the highest voltage signal)
• Frequency (cycle of period signal)
• Form (waveform)
• Pulse duration (cycle or time interval signal)
• Array (repetition characteristics of signal)
Signal analysis helps to identify different kinds of breakdowns and faults of sensors, actuators, electronic schemes and ECU.

Features of Scopebox

• Quick capture of the chain signal.
• Choose of the waveform display speed for fast analysis.
• Library of predetermined waveform signals, built-in memory.
• Registration and storage of the tested signals for later analysis and troubleshooting.
• Auto adjusting of all chart signals on all 4’s channels.
• Separate grounding of each channel to minimize distortion of test signals.
• High quality BNC connectors.
• Complete set of adapters for ignition systems, sensors, connectors, etc.

Functional components and connectors of Launch X-431 Scopebox
1 -  the signal from the external trigger.
2 -  channel 4 (CH4).
3 -  channel 3 (CH3).
4 -  channel 2 (CH2).
5 -  channel 1 (CH1).
6 -  the rectangular signal generator with fixed frequency 1K.
7 -  B - type USB interface for connection to the main unit Launch X-431 GDS/PAD, PAD II.
8 -  socket for connection to power supply through adaptor.
9 -  data exchange indicator.
10 - oscilloscope data exchange indicator.
11 - the power indicator of the oscilloscope.

Technical characteristics

• 4 channels for measurements.
• Maximum frequency 150 Mhz.
• Bandwidth 20 Mhz.
• The maximum depth of conservation 64MSa.
• Accuracy of measurements +/- 1%.
• Resolution 8-bit.

Complete set of accessories (may vary)

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