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Program installation with installation and adjusting manual in English  (.zip file, with access code, for first generation adapters V1)

Demo version of programm (version 2011) for interface knowledge (.zip file with programm)
AutoScanner Opel CAN
Diagnostic equipment for Opel cars based on the  PC
Principal differences

- complete support of Opel cars of all model years  (including with CAN diagnostic)

- intuitive and easy to understand interface

- extended functions with Opel  cars comparing with other non dealer equipments

- improved diagnostic help functions - DTC code analysis, live data parameter normatives, etc.

* Oficial version of OpelScan CAN V2 with legal software and software updates is offered.
The AutoScanner OpelCAN was developed for electronic system diagnostics of Opel cars from 1987 to 2015 (and later) model years - it supports the models:

Antara (2007-), Agila (1998-2006 ), Ascona (1987-1989), Astra-F (1992-2002), Astra-G (1998-2006), Astra-H (2004-), Calibra (1990-1997), Corsa-A/Combo (1987-1993), Corsa-B/Vito (1993-2000), Corsa-C (2001-2006), Corsa-D (2007-), Frontera-A (1992-1998), Frontera-B (1999-2005), Kadett-E (1987-1991), Meriva (2003-2006), Omega-A (1987-1994), Omega-B (1994-2003), Senator-B (1987-1993), Sintra (1997-2000), Speedster/VX220 (2001-2006), Tigra A (1995-2000), Tigra B (2005-), Vectra-A (1989-1995), Vectra-B (1996-2001), Vectra-C/Signum (2002-), Zafira A (1999-2005), Zafira B (2006-) [almost all systems, exepting the engines C16NZ and Isuzu engines] and other more new models of Opel, futher it supports some GM concern models as Suzuki Grand Vitara New (2005-) , Saab 9-3(2002-), Saab 9-5 (1998-) and some others.

The mayority of vehicles supports the diagnostic of all systems with auto diagnostic functions, as engine, automatic gear box, ABS-ESP, cruise control, instrument panel, body control systems and all other systems installed on the Opel cars for all model years.
Opel 10-pin
- OBD-II adapter for older cars with old tipe of connector (cars from 1988 to 1994-1997).
- optional software for OPEL Scanner CAN. Allow read pin-codes pin of  immobilizers, change mileage and reset ECU in the engine ECU  and other special functions for Opel. More info  >>>
Opel Scanner Pro
OpelScanner-CAN-V2 (1) OpelScanner-CAN-V2 (2) OpelScanner-CAN-V2 (3)
OpelScanner-CAN-V2 (4) OpelScanner-CAN-V2 (5) OpelScanner-CAN-V2 (6)

- shows ECU information. Some modules are capable of displaying information about the car that is not fault related. Sometimes this information is nothing more than the part number or firmware number, but in some cases it displays a lot of interesting information about the vehicle, like VIN, date of programming, coding index, etc.

- reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes. Each fault code is displayed with a trouble code ID, description, status, and repair information when available. There is a possibility to copy trouble codes to clipboard for further printing, etc.

- displays live data parameters. In this mode the live data value is displayed in two ways - digital and graphical. For many parameters the information on "ideal" values for the given parameter is provided.

- advanced graphic mode for live data display. This mode allows to see to 4 live data parameter charts at the same time with recoding possibility for later viewing.

- conducts actuator tests.  Opelscanner software is capable to control actuators (fuel pumps, injectors, ignition coils, fans, telltales, etc) on the most of the Opel ECUs. At the same time the actual values can be observed.

- reads firmware from some selected ECUs.

- odometer correction on some models (through DLC) (Vectra B - all, Astra G / Zafira A VDO - all).

- key registering/erasing (valid login required).

- coding, adaptation, etc.

- other functions