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AutoScanner Opel PRO
Option for AutoScanner Opel CAN

Download latest program update with installation manuals (.zip, with password)
Security code is required for any immobilizer-related operation. This addon to the main AutoScannerOpelCAN software is capable to read the security code from the control unit of the vehicle and other special functions. Besides, it is able to reset the engine control module directly, without having connected it to the immo, read and write control unit firmware and other special functions. For work with this option AutoScannerOpelCAN interface is required.


-extracts security code from various Opel ECUs (Engine Control Modules, Info Displays, Instrument Clusters)
-resets Engine Control Module directly
-change milage in Engine Control Module
-change Working Hours value in Engine Control Module
-read and write control unit firmware
-and more... (more fuctions will be added).

What cars and systems does it work on*

- Agila-A(1998-2007) (Engine Control Unit)
- Astra-G (1998-2006) (Engine Control Unit)
- Astra-H (2004-2010) (Engine Control Unit, Info Display)
- Corsa (Vita)-C (2001-2010) (Engine Control Unit, Instrument Cluster)
- Corsa (Vita)-D (2007-2010) (Engine Control Unit)
- Meriva-A (2003-2009) (Engine Control Unit, Instrument Cluster)
- Omega-B (1994-2003) (Engine Control Unit)
- Vectra-B (1996-2001) (Engine Control Unit)
- Vectra-C/Signum (2002-2010) (Engine Control Unit, Info Display)
- Zafira-A (1999-2005) (Engine Control Unit)
- Zafira-B (2005-2010) (Engine Control Unit, Info Display)
- more systems before 2015 and after

What Engine Control Module types/Engines does it work on*

- Motronic ME155
- Motornic ME761
- Motronic ME76x
- Motronic ME96 (Z28NEx)
- Motronic ME311 (Y26SE, Y32SE)
- Simtec 71 (Z18XE(L))
- Multec H ISO (Y16XE, Z14XE, Z16XE, Z16SE)
- Multec H CAN (Z16XE)
- Multec SF (X14XE, X16XEL)
- Multijet 6J0
- EDC16 (Z17DTH, Z19DT(H))
- MT35E (Z16XEP, Z16XE1)
- more types before 2015 and after

* The list of functions and systems will be extended with future updates.