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Overcharging protection
Battery: Li-iOn 700 mhA 3.7V
Chraging cycles: more than 500
Fixing: magnet + hook for hanging
Housing: resistente plastic-ruber housing
Charging of battery: from any USB port with cable included in the main set
Normal LED light: 0.9W COB LED, 90-110 Lm
UV flashlight in the superior part: 395-410 Lm, UV
Two mode LED and UV swivel lamp
with rotating superior part

• Bright LED light
• UV flashlight for leak searching in AC system
• Battery resting time indicator
• Li-iOn battery with psosibility of partial charge without any negative effects as for Ni-MH batteries
• Neodymium magnet and hook for fixing
• Resistente plastic housing with ruber protection
• Convient little size for access to any AC system part in motor compartment and under dashboard
Two mode LED and UV swivel lamp with rotating superior part and with a magnet and hook in resistente housing. Powered by the built-in rechargeable Li-iOn battery. UV light in combination with a special contrast liquid refilled together with refrigeration gas allows find efficiently any leak in AC system. The benefits of this lapm is the small convient size for leak searching for any AC system component under cars dashboard and in the motor compartment, it have the magnet and hook for lamp fixing in any convient place.