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Gas leak detector MM LPG/CNG Leak Tester

• High sensivity
• Replacement sensor included in set
• Probe iluminating light
• Chargeable batteries and charger included
• Audio, vibro and visual leak warning
Technical parameters

Measuring range: methane from 40 ppm, propane-butane from 60 ppm
Sensivity: 35 ppm
Preheating time: from 30 to 2,5 minutes
Response time: <10 s
Visualndicator: 6 LED
Depending from measured leak quantity audio, vibro and visual leak warning
Power supply: chargeable lithium battery
Charger: 110/220 V - 50/60 Hz (full cycle of charge 3 h)
Auto switch off

Propane and methane gas (LPG-CNG) electronic leak detector with visual/sound/vibration indication (multiple sensitivity levels). El equipo se permite trabajar en cualquier sistema de gas, comprobar las conexiones de tubos, depósitos  y otros componentes. El dectector tiene un aviso con sonido, visual y vibro, que depende de cantidad de fuga de gas medida, con ajuste de varios niveles de sensabilidad. Excellent qualityand made in Italy.

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LPG/CNG leak detector LPG/CNG leak detector