Launch Creader S1
OBD-II fault code reader
Launch Creader S1 is a new generation OBDII / EOBD mini scanner with color screen  with  protocols support of OBD-II (all modifications of OBD-II, CAN), allows read the specific codes (P1, U1, B1, C1), shows live data (digital or up to 4 grapic in same time) with recording function in memory up to 8 hours, can read freeze frame, etc., with free updates via Internet using high speed USB 2.0 port. It is the best low cost alternative for small garages and car owners and it is one of the best OBD-II solutions in the world at the present moment.

•Read codes
•Clear codes
•I/M Readiness Monitor Status
•Read Freeze Frame
•Built In Manufacturer Specific DTC Definitions
•Multiple Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Russian
•Free updates via the internet using the USB 2.0 (complete update time near 2 minutes)
•Shows up to 4 live data graphics in the same time (any parameters can be choosed)
•Big, bright and color screen with resolution 320*240
•Data recording (live data, fault codes) up to 8 hours
•Built-in clock (recorded data time marking)
•Unicode and Cyrillic coding support for all languages
•Diagnostic help function
User manuals and downloads

Quick start manual (English, .pdf)

Users manual for compatible unit Creader VI, full edition (English, .pdf)
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