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Battery charging unit MM BAT-5

• Suitable price
• Advanced functions of professional charging unit
• Small size and mobility
• Intelligent charging function and advanced protection from overcharging and all types of shortcircuits
• Battery restoring function
Technical parameters

Charging: 12 V AGM, GEL, VRLA lead-acid batteries (exept of batteries with partial charge specification)
Power supply: SC5E 220-240 V 1A/50Hz
Charging output: SC5E 5A
Charged battery maintainese: pulse charging with low voltage impulses
Cables: 183 cm
Size: 16,0 (L) x 9,6 (A) x 5,4 (A) cm
Weight: 0.85 kg
Professional microprocessor based 12 V charging unit with intelligent charging function and advanced protection . Battery restoring function, shortcircuit and reverse polarity, overcharge and antispark protection. Made in Italy.
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