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Autocom ADAS for trucks and commercial transport
With the increasingly widespread use of technical assistance  systems such as automatic emergency braking or lane departure  warnings, replacing windscreens is becoming more and more complex and now requires the use of of the corresponding optical adjustment devices  and reference panels (calibration equipment) together with a suitable diagnostic device. Do you need to calibrate the camera or radar device on a truck or commercial van? Autocom have the perfect ADAS Calibration solution for you. Autocom solves this problem with a mobile solution specifically designed for the calibration of the assistance systems on trucks, buses and vans. With Autocom ADAS Calibration rig you are all good to go. All calibration functions are already in the Autocom software and no additional licenses are needed. As simple as that.

Short description

The laser-based Autocom mobil adjusting device is a tool for the positioning of optical reference panels for all common truck brands and models in accordance with manufacturer specifications. The adjusting device is easy to transport and has short set-up times, making it ready for use on the customer’s premises in no time at all.
Professional calibration equipment of ADAS sensors and cameras
Supported systems

- Adaptive cruise control
- Emergency breaking assistant
- Pedestrian collision warning
- Front collision warning
- Lane departure warning and assist system
- Traffic signal and lane recognition
- Blind spot detection
- Night vision camera
- 360' arround view monitoring
- Park assist
- Rear collision warning
- Other assistance systems
ADAS TRUCKS Calibration Kit (900 750 001) includes

Product prospect (.pdf, in English)
Compatiblity with diagnostic equipments

- Autocom with software Trucks in OBD-II
- Autocom with software Trucks full kit with adapters for older sockets
Advantages of Autocom ADAS Calibration for TRUCKS

- Security that the job is done correctly
- Wide brand coverage
- Increased competence
- Stronger customer loyalty
- Generates additional sales
- Mobility and flexibility
- Additional sales opportunities and added value for your customers
- More customers and higher sales
The perfect solution for repair and glas workshops

- Allows calibration on trucks from all major commercial  vehicle manufacturers with the Autocom diagnostics solution
- The easy to transport mobile adjusting device includes corresponding reference panels. This allows all work to  be carried out on-the-spot within the customers premises
- Calibration is performed in accordance with OE manufacturer specifications
1. 1 carriage
2. 2 adjustment bars (left and right)
3. 1 swivel arm for target Scania / MAN 
4. 1 Volvo / Renault target panel with hight adjustment
5. 1 Scania / MAN target panel
6. 2 wheel clamps
7. 2 wall mounted holders for wheel clamps
8. 1 suitcase for accesories
1. 2 scales with laser (left and right)
2. 1 centre laser
3. 2 scales with mirror
4. 1 auxiliary holder for tape measure
5. 1 tape measure
6. 1 safety glasses

Possible variants

- 900 750 001 ADAS TRUCKS Calibration Kit
- 900 750 002 ADAS TRUCKS Calibration Complete Kit (includes CDP+ TRUCKS Kit 900 200 757)